Baseball Made Fun

Our Mission

Our mission is to reinvigorate and grow youth excitement about the game of baseball by providing FREE RESOURCES to youth baseball coaches, parents, and players. Our resources provide users EXCITING and CREATIVE ways to learn and teach the game.


What Makes Us Different?

There is an abundance of baseball information on the web. Much of it is great information that would truly help the youth baseball community. This useful material, however, is often hard to find, very limited in detail, and spread out in many different locations. If you want detailed, helpful and easy to find information, you usually have to pay for it.

Baseball Made Fun is COMPLETELY FREE. We believe that by offering first-class information free of charge, our message will reach a wider audience; and our message is what truly sets us apart.


Our Message

All of us as baseball coaches, parents and enthusiasts can get more kids interested in the game of baseball by creating a better experience for them. Youth baseball participation levels, sadly, have declined in the last decade. Though we may never be able to pinpoint every factor that has contributed to this decline, it’s certain that creating a better experience for the youth baseball player will make a positive impact on the future of the game.

“Let’s keep the future of the game strong and focus on FUN!”

Ryan Basham

Founder of Baseball Made Fun