12 Essential & Fun Baseball Drills for Beginners

Fun Baseball Drills For Beginners

These 12 Essential & Fun Baseball Drills for Beginners are a MUST HAVE for every tee ball and Little League coach. Make these drills a regular part of your practice plans and routines, and your players FIELDING, THROWING and HITTING skills are sure to improve. These are also great drills for moms and dads to work with their kids at home. They’re SIMPLE and FUN, and your player will enjoy working on them with you.   Beginner Fielding Drills Bean Bag or Frisbee Toss Purpose: This drill is to improve a player’s glove hand skills and help them get better at catching a …

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Curveball Hitting Drills

  Use the following curveball hitting drills for hitters that that are having difficulty with offspeed pitches . They are also great drills for everyday use with teams around the 12 – 15 year old age range. Each year, starting around that 12 year old year, they will begin to see more and more breaking balls and other offspeed pitches.   Front Arm Connection Drill   Purpose: This drill is to help hitters feel their hands stay back. If the hands and arms of a hitter start before the lower body begins to open, they are going to have a …

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Baseball Hitting Drills: Timing

“Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing.” — Warren Spahn   When it comes to baseball hitting drills, timing is often overlooked. Usually drills are used to help fix a mechanical flaw in the swing, or simply to eat up some time at practice. Most coaches and players will agree that timing is equally important, if not even more important than swing mechanics. So why aren’t we working on it regularly?! Make the most of your practice time, and use these drills to work on one of the most difficult and important aspects of hitting.   Contact Point Visualization Drill: This …

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Fun Youth Baseball Outfield Drills

fun youth outfield drills

  Outfield doesn’t have to be boring! Use these fun youth baseball outfield drills regularly at practice and your players will be tracking down tough fly balls in no time.   Quarterback Drop Step QB Pass Player will start facing the coach, in an athletic, ready position about 10 feet away. On coach’s cue, player will drop step to a predetermined side. Coach will then throw a ball to the side that the player opened simulating a fly ball over their shoulder. Teach players to be precise with their first step and get their hips opened immediately to the direction they …

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