6 Baseball Fielding Training Aids YOU Should be Using

Baseball Fielding Training Aids

Make your defensive practice much more interesting and fun by implementing the use of baseball fielding training aids! In this post I breakdown 6 types of trainers that I believe every baseball or softball player would benefit from including in their training regimen. One problem that I come across often is that players tend to dedicate the majority of their solo practice time to hitting. While hitting is arguably the most difficult thing to do in all of sports, an appropriate proportion of a player’s training should also be dedicated to defensive work. After all, if you can’t field a …

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Top 5 Best Baseball Hitting Training Aids for 2019

Best Baseball Hitting Training Aids

Training tools and equipment can be a fun and engaging addition to a baseball player’s training regimen. But, if you’ve ever spent a few minutes searching the internet for them, you’d know there are hundreds of different hitting trainers out there. No hitting trainer is going to be a fix-all for a hitter. However, if it is a well designed piece of equipment, a good training aid will undoubtedly help that hitter get a better feel for what they are doing. A good baseball batting training aid works because it provides an external feedback that the hitter can feel or …

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Here are the top rated USA Baseball Bats for 2018

top rated USA baseball bats

  There was a lot of angst over the new bat standard applied by USA Baseball in 2018. Many of the youth players that I know were concerned about these new bats having less pop than the previous youth bats. While they do, by definition, have less bounce than their counterparts, there are still some great USA Baseball bat models that don’t feel deadened. I’ve chosen three USA Bats that have garnered rave reviews online. They also happen to be three bats that I’ve heard only positive feedback on from hitters that I train. Users report that all three of …

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This is the Best Deal on Baseballs…PERIOD

best deal on baseballs wilson blem baseballs sale

  If you’re a coach, facility or organization owner, or a serious baseball player or parent, you know that baseballs are not cheap. The cost of baseballs seems to have risen quite a bit over the past 5 to 10 years. If you are someone who is going to be buying a lot of baseballs for your players and teams to use for practice, you’re probably looking for a great deal on a quality ball. It is hard to find, but not impossible. And you don’t need to resort to buying those synthetic leather “Official League” balls that we all …

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These are the Best Baseball Gloves for Kids age 10 and Under

best baseball gloves for kids

If you have a Tee Ball player or Little Leaguer at home, like I do, then you know most are just beginning to learn how to catch a baseball. Kids 10 and under have minimal grip strength and dexterity with their non-dominant hand. Add the weight and awkwardness of a glove, and it can get ugly sometimes!  For tips and drills for teaching your beginner to catch a baseball, you can read our article on the subject here. The best baseball gloves for kids who are just beginning their baseball journey are the light-weight, flexible youth models that, lucky for …

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Here are the Top 5 Best Baseball Batting Tees on the Market

Backspin batting tee best baseball batting tees

  The batting tee is an essential tool for every baseball player. Not only is it a great tool for the beginner to hone their skills, experienced players (even Major League players) use batting tees on a daily basis. It is simply the best tool for working on the mechanics of your swing. The selections we’ve chosen all have great reviews and offer some fantastic features. Here’s the list of our choices for the Top 5 Best Baseball Batting Tees on the Market…   #5 Schutt Batting Tee   Let me start off by saying that while rubber batting tees are …

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Here’s the Place to Find the Best Price on Tanner Tees and other Pro Style Batting Tees…

Tanner Tees are my favorite tees on the market. They are as tough as they come. I’ve seen them take beatings in training facilities for months without showing signs of wear and tear. They are far and away the #1 choice of batting tee for college and professional players.   With the type of quality the Tanner Tee offers, it’s no surprise it is priced higher than your average baseball batting tee. We’re always buying them for our facilities and teams, so we’ve searched and searched to find the best price on Tanner Tees.   THE RESULT….well…they’re about the same …

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Best Baseball Pitching Machine Reviews for 2018

Hack attack, hack attack jr., Jugs MVP, Mound Yeti, Best baseball pitching machine reviews, Jugs Lite Flite, Zooka ZS740

The pitching machine was first introduced over a century ago. Since then, it has evolved quite a bit. We’ve gone from simple wheel and arm machines, to machines that can throw every pitch that you could imagine from both arm angles. While not everyone needs one that is that complex, pitching machines are a must have for any serious baseball organization, Little League, or practice facility. They are also a great way to save baseball moms and dads money! Get one for your garage, basement, or backyard and stop paying to rent time at your local facility! Whether you are …

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Quality At-Bats by Steve Springer: The Definitive Guide to the Mental Approach to Hitting the Baseball

  Baseball is 90% mental, and the other half is physical. – Yogi Berra     Hitting mechanics are being over analyzed and over-coached everywhere you look these days, but how much are you seeing and hearing the mental approach to hitting the baseball being discussed? Are your youth, high school, or college coaches dedicating enough time to this important aspect of the game? My guess is probably not. No need to worry though, there is a program out there that can help! It’s called Quality At-Bats, by Steve Springer. I first heard of Steve Springer when I was invited …

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Baseball Velocity Training Program Reviews: Paul Reddick VIP Baseball 90 MPH Club vs. 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program

Paul Reddick VIP Baseball 90 MPH Club, 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program, Brent Pourciau review

REVIEW: Paul Reddick VIP Baseball 90 MPH Club vs. 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program   There is a trend in all levels of baseball toward an increased emphasis on pitching velocity. Pitching experts, coaches, and scouts may disagree on whether the increased emphasis is good for the future of the game, but the fact remains that how hard a pitcher throws is the primary factor used in evaluating them from the high school level, all the way up to the Major League level. Like any other subject, you can find loads of information on how to throw the baseball harder on the …

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