Knowing when to bunt the baseball…and when NOT to

Knowing when to bunt the baseball

The bunt can be a great weapon. But how do you know when to bunt the baseball? As coaches and players we have to look at it as a strategic decision of give and take, and risk vs. reward.   I’ve witnessed teams at the youth levels, all the way up to the collegiate levels over-utilize the bunt. When doing so, they are effectively taking the bat out of their hitters’ hands, and taking away the possibility of a big hit at times when it is not necessary. On the other hand, I’ve also seen teams that hardly ever use …

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Baseball Cut Off Positions Cheat Sheet

Throw out more runners and cut down on extra bases given to your opponent by executing cut off plays correctly.   Studying the correct baseball cut off positions for each position on the field should be a point of emphasis for every coach and player at all levels of baseball. Teams that effectively execute cut offs and relays can keep the opposition out of big innings by limiting the extra bases they are able to take. In order for these to work, players must be strong in their communication. As the outfielders are going after the ball, infielders should be …

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