Learn How to Hit Better in Baseball Games with These 5 Unique Tips

How to hit better in baseball games

  They’re called the “Five O’Clock Hitter.” That’s the type of player who routinely tears it up in batting practice, only to struggle at the plate when it is game time. As a longtime hitting instructor I’ve heard this so many times…”well his swing looks great and he kills it in the cage, but he’s still struggling in the games.” So how is it possible for someone who has such a good looking swing and dominates in practice to struggle in a game setting? Usually it has to do with a lack of preparation. Get prepared, and learn how to …

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Curveball Hitting Drills

  Use the following curveball hitting drills for hitters that that are having difficulty with offspeed pitches . They are also great drills for everyday use with teams around the 12 – 15 year old age range. Each year, starting around that 12 year old year, they will begin to see more and more breaking balls and other offspeed pitches.   Front Arm Connection Drill   Purpose: This drill is to help hitters feel their hands stay back. If the hands and arms of a hitter start before the lower body begins to open, they are going to have a …

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How to Time the Baseball: The 3 Critical Factors

  Timing. It’s an elusive topic in baseball. No matter the level I was playing at, discussions about timing were few and far between. If it was brought up, it was generally just to point out the problem of bad timing, not how to fix it. Why is this the case? Is knowing how to time the baseball simply a natural ability that can’t be learned? Absolutely not! Just like anything else, it can be trained and developed.   Understand and fix your timing issues with the 3 Critical Timing Factors below: Factor #1: WHERE ARE YOU VISUALIZING CONTACT WITH …

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