How to Increase Exit Velocity When Hitting: 5 Quick Tips

how to increase exit velocity

How to Increase Exit Velocity When Hitting Similar to the way throwing velocity has been used as a benchmark for evaluating pitchers for decades, coaches and scouts are now using exit velocity as a metric for assessing hitters’ ability and chance for success at the next level. In fact, most division-1 college coaches will not even consider looking at a position player unless his exit velocity is 90 MPH or higher. Whether or not you think this is the best way to evaluate a player, you have to admit one thing, exit velocity is now an important metric for hitters …

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Learn How to Hit Better in Baseball Games with These 5 Unique Tips

How to hit better in baseball games

  They’re called the “Five O’Clock Hitter.” That’s the type of player who routinely tears it up in batting practice, only to struggle at the plate when it is game time. As a longtime hitting instructor I’ve heard this so many times…”well his swing looks great and he kills it in the cage, but he’s still struggling in the games.” So how is it possible for someone who has such a good looking swing and dominates in practice to struggle in a game setting? Usually it has to do with a lack of preparation. Get prepared, and learn how to …

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The SIMPLE PHRASE that can teach ANYONE how to hit the baseball FARTHER

    I’ve been a hitting instructor to kids of all ages for over a decade now. The way I have taught hitting has evolved a lot since I first started, and I’m confident that my teaching methods will continue to evolve as long as I’m instructing. Through constant research, experience, trial and error, I’m constantly searching for and implementing more effective ways of teaching hitters. When I first started teaching and wanted a hitter to learn how to hit the ball harder, I was using the same phrases I’d been taught from my coaches growing up. I’m sure you …

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Baseball Hitting Drills: Timing

“Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing.” — Warren Spahn   When it comes to baseball hitting drills, timing is often overlooked. Usually drills are used to help fix a mechanical flaw in the swing, or simply to eat up some time at practice. Most coaches and players will agree that timing is equally important, if not even more important than swing mechanics. So why aren’t we working on it regularly?! Make the most of your practice time, and use these drills to work on one of the most difficult and important aspects of hitting.   Contact Point Visualization Drill: This …

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