12 Essential & Fun Baseball Drills for Beginners

Fun Baseball Drills For Beginners

These 12 Essential & Fun Baseball Drills for Beginners are a MUST HAVE for every tee ball and Little League coach. Make these drills a regular part of your practice plans and routines, and your players FIELDING, THROWING and HITTING skills are sure to improve. These are also great drills for moms and dads to work with their kids at home. They’re SIMPLE and FUN, and your player will enjoy working on them with you.   Beginner Fielding Drills Bean Bag or Frisbee Toss Purpose: This drill is to improve a player’s glove hand skills and help them get better at catching a …

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Overcoming the Fear of Getting Hit by the Baseball

The fear of getting hit by the baseball is one of the most difficult things to overcome for many beginners. It can be evident when they are hitting, fielding a ground ball or fly ball, or even just playing catch. In each case, using softer balls, like a safety ball or tennis ball is the first step in helping the player overcome the fear. When Playing Catch You will see many beginners and young players who move their body away from the ball as it comes to …

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