WAIT! Read This Before You Start a Weighted Baseball Throwing Program

weighted baseball training

  Weighted baseballs are not a new phenomenon, in fact training with weighted balls is almost as old as the game of baseball itself. However, the high-intent, extreme weighted baseball velocity training programs that have become the pitching craze of late are relatively new. Obviously it takes a considerable amount time and energy to conduct proper research and organize a formal study on a new type of training regimen. Weighted baseball velocity programs have essentially been operating ahead of the data and research. Within the last couple years, an independent group of baseball medical researchers, ASMI, conducted a study on …

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Baseball Velocity Training Program Reviews: Paul Reddick VIP Baseball 90 MPH Club vs. 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program

Paul Reddick VIP Baseball 90 MPH Club, 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program, Brent Pourciau review

REVIEW: Paul Reddick VIP Baseball 90 MPH Club vs. 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program   There is a trend in all levels of baseball toward an increased emphasis on pitching velocity. Pitching experts, coaches, and scouts may disagree on whether the increased emphasis is good for the future of the game, but the fact remains that how hard a pitcher throws is the primary factor used in evaluating them from the high school level, all the way up to the Major League level. Like any other subject, you can find loads of information on how to throw the baseball harder on the …

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