Check out these 6 gift ideas baseball players will love…

Gift ideas baseball players will love

Who doesn’t like some sweet baseball swag! The baseball player in your life will be thrilled with any one of these great gifts. We’ve started with the conventional, and worked our way down to the more unconventional ideas that are sure to surprise any baseball player. 6 Gift Ideas Baseball Players will Love!!! 1. Equipment There are plenty of baseball equipment websites out there, but there is one that we find consistently beats the price of others. They even offer a guarantee that they will be the best price! Whether your baseball player needs cleats, a bat or glove, training …

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This is the Best Deal on Baseballs…PERIOD

best deal on baseballs wilson blem baseballs sale

  If you’re a coach, facility or organization owner, or a serious baseball player or parent, you know that baseballs are not cheap. The cost of baseballs seems to have risen quite a bit over the past 5 to 10 years. If you are someone who is going to be buying a lot of baseballs for your players and teams to use for practice, you’re probably looking for a great deal on a quality ball. It is hard to find, but not impossible. And you don’t need to resort to buying those synthetic leather “Official League” balls that we all …

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WAIT! Read This Before You Start a Weighted Baseball Throwing Program

weighted baseball training

  Weighted baseballs are not a new phenomenon, in fact training with weighted balls is almost as old as the game of baseball itself. However, the high-intent, extreme weighted baseball velocity training programs that have become the pitching craze of late are relatively new. Obviously it takes a considerable amount time and energy to conduct proper research and organize a formal study on a new type of training regimen. Weighted baseball velocity programs have essentially been operating ahead of the data and research. Within the last couple years, an independent group of baseball medical researchers, ASMI, conducted a study on …

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12 Perfect Gifts for Baseball Moms

Gifts for baseball moms

  Don’t buy your baseball mom another cheesy mug or picture frame. These gifts for baseball moms include practical and stylish offerings that are sure to put a smile on her face. We’ve done the homework and found items with great reviews. Oh…and by the way…all these items ship quickly for the procrastinators out there!   Practical gifts for weekends at the ball field   Versatile Canvas Sling Bag / Travel Backpack This bag is perfect for a weekend travel tournament. Mom can store everything she needs in here and wear it how she wants. It can be worn as a …

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What You Need to Know About Taking Private Baseball Hitting Lessons

Private baseball hitting lessons

  Private baseball hitting lessons, like other forms of private coaching, are becoming increasingly popular among athletes of all ages. There is a strong need for quality individual instruction in baseball today. The current trend is for teams to play more games and practice less. This does not bode well for learning and developing a skill as specialized as hitting. A great private instructor can make a huge positive impact on a kid’s impression of baseball, and on their future in the game. A bad private instructor…well see the video below from Domingo Ayala. As funny as the video is, it’s also sadly …

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DO NOT Buy a New Bat Until You Read This….USA Baseball 2018 Youth Baseball Bat Regulations

2018 Youth Baseball Bat Regulations

  USA Baseball announced back in late 2015, that there would be new youth baseball bat regulations going into effect in 2018. With the change right around the corner, we thought you may need a reminder heading into the 2017 season. We want you to be prepared for the rule change and make an informed decision on your next bat purchase, so here we’ve answered the USA Baseball Bat Standard FAQs.   USA Baseball Bat Standard FAQs   WHAT is changing?   USA Baseball and its national member organizations have developed and adopted a new standard method for testing the performance of …

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NCAA College Baseball Recruiting Tips For Parents & Athletes

Steve Farley (, former head baseball coach at Butler University and recruiting consultant for The Recruiting Coaches, offers parents and athletes some important NCAA / College Baseball recruiting tips.   There is a lot of misinformation in the college recruiting process. Here are …

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