This is the Best Deal on Baseballs…PERIOD

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If you’re a coach, facility or organization owner, or a serious baseball player or parent, you know that baseballs are not cheap. The cost of baseballs seems to have risen quite a bit over the past 5 to 10 years. If you are someone who is going to be buying a lot of baseballs for your players and teams to use for practice, you’re probably looking for a great deal on a quality ball. It is hard to find, but not impossible. And you don’t need to resort to buying those synthetic leather “Official League” balls that we all despise!

The best deal on baseballs that we have found on the internet comes down to one word, “BLEMS.”

A blem baseball is a ball that is made to its standard specifications, but has a cosmetic blemish on its cover. An example of a cosmetic blemish would be a stamp that is crooked or off center. The baseball’s performance is not affected by the blemish. I’ve bought blem balls for several years, and they hold up and perform as well as any other type of baseball that I’ve purchased.

So here it is…

The Internet’s Best Deal on Baseballs

Wilson is currently running a fantastic blem baseballs sale on Amazon. The deal is for a bucket of 3 dozen blem baseballs for $129.99, including free shipping. These Wilson blem baseballs feature:

  • Professional quality ball hits just like regulation baseballs
  • Wilson model 1030 high raised seams
  • Premium grade full grain leather
  • Premium quality wool windings
  • Red cushioned cork for better pop off bat

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